<h1>Pallas Athene UK - Book Publishers</h1> Pallas Athene (Publishers) Ltd, based in the UK, are travel publishers who produce high-quality guides to destinations in the UK, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Spain, the Middle East and Asia. Titles include Andalucia, Provence, Dordogne, Wales, East Anglia. We are particularly proud, as travel publishers, to have revived J. G. Links' classic guide, Venice for Pleasure, and we publish a number of other titles about Venice. As travel publishers we also take a wider view of travellers' interests and needs and publish travel literature, including classics by Peter Levi and John Ruskin, and new titles by Sheila Paine and Michael Jacobs. Being travel publishers is the result of life long interest in foreign countries, their history, art and architecture, and we also publish art works such as Anthony Blunt's seminal Guide to Baroque Rome. Pallas Athene are one of the most respected travel publishers in the UK, with a number of our guides and travel literature enjoying classic status: Take no other, wrote Cosmopolitan about Andalucia; the best guidebook to any city ever written, wrote The Times about Venice for Pleasure. We are also one of the most adventurous travel publishers working today, with such oddball successes as A272 an Ode to a Road (Pieter Boogaart), and An Hour from Paris (Annabel Simms) to our credit. Our guidebooks are superb for pleasurable reading (West Country, Midi), as reference books (Poland and Yemen by Sebastian Wormell, Art Galleries of the World by Helen Langdon) or for using on one's journey. <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_48_7.html">A272 - AN ODE TO A ROAD by Pieter Boogaart</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_26_6.html">ANDALUCIA by Michael Jacobs</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_69_X.html">AN HOUR FROM PARIS by Annabel Simms</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_63_0.html">AMSTERDAM EXPLORED by Derek Blyth</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_46_0.html">ART GALLERIES OF THE WORLD by Helen Langdon</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/0_9529986_5_3.html">BAROQUE ROME: the Churches (hb) by Anthony Blunt</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_93_2.html">BRUGES FOR PLEASURE by Derek Blyth</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_14_2.html">BRUSSELS FOR PLEASURE by Derek Blyth</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_31_2.html">BUDAPEST: A CRITICAL GUIDE by Andr&#225;s T&#246;r&#246;k</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/0_9529986_1_0.html">CANALETTO by J. G. Links</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_51_7.html">CZECH AND SLOVAK REPUBLICS by Erhard Gorys</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_28_2.html">DORDOGNE by Joy Law</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_67_3.html">EAST ANGLIA by Peter Sager</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_76_2.html">EDINBURGH: PICTURESQUE NOTES by Robert Louis Stevenson</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_33_9.html">EFFIE IN VENICE with Mary Lutyens, ed.</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_30_4.html">FLEMISH CITIES EXPLORED by Derek Blyth</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_34_7.html">GATHERINGS FROM SPAIN by Richard Ford</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_21_5.html">GREAT BORDEAUX WINES by James Seely</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_36_3.html">IN THE GLOW OF THE PHANTOM PALACE by Michael Jacobs</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_04_5.html">IN THE KITCHENS OF CASTILE by Gijs van Hensbergen</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_16_9.html">LAOS by Dawn Ellis and Tom Butcher</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_24_X.html">MADRID FOR PLEASURE by Michael Jacobs</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_22_3.html">POLAND with Sebastian Wormell, ed.</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/0_9529986_0_2.html">POUSSIN by Anthony Blunt</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/0_9529986_2_9.html">ROMAN BAROQUE by Anthony Blunt</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_55_X.html">ROMANIA, John Villiers, ed.</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_09_6.html">SOUTH EAST ENGLAND by Peter Sager</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/0_9529986_9_6.html">SYLVIA EDWARDS - A MONOGRAPH by Mel Gooding and David Elliot</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_32_0.html">THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION TO TUSCANY by Carla Capalbo</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_66_5.html">THE GENEROUS EARTH by Philip Oyler</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_35_5.html">THE LIGHT GARDEN OF THE ANGEL KING by Peter Levi</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_87_8.html">THE LINEN GODDESS by Sheila Paine</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_37_1.html">THE MIDI by Joy Law</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_88_6.html">THE NATURE OF FRANCE - WESTERN LOIRE by Dennis & Ann Furnell</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_89_4.html">THE NATURE OF FRANCE - BRITTANY by Dennis & Ann Furnell</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_42_8.html">THE ROAD TO SANTIAGO by Michael Jacobs</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_45_2.html">THE STONES OF VENICE by John Ruskin</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_65_7.html">THE SURPRISE OF CREMONA by Edith Templeton</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_08_8.html">THE WEST COUNTRY by Peter Sager</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_06_1.html">TIBET by Karl-Heinz Everding</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_70_3.html">TSCHIFFELY'S RIDE by A. F. Tschiffely</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_40_1.html">VENICE FOR PLEASURE by J. G. Links</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_68_1.html">WALES by Peter Sager</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_23_1.html">YEMEN by Peter Wald</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_95_9.html">YEMEN - IN THE LAND OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA - GUIDE TO EVENTS, Caroline Singer, ed.</a> <a href="logs/books/bookText/1_873429_82_7.html">YEMEN - LAND AND PEOPLE by Sarah Searight and Jane Taylor</a> <a href="logs/html/about.html">About Pallas Athene UK</a> <a href="logs/html/click.html">UK Travel Book Publishers</a> <a href="logs/html/frames.html">Pallas Athene UK - Main Frameset</a> <a href="logs/html/header.html">Pallas Athene UK - Controls</a> <a href="logs/html/intro.html">Pallas Athene UK - Introduction</a> <a href="logs/html/navigation.html">Pallas Athene UK - Site Navigation</a> <a href="logs/html/showall.html">Full Book List</a> <a href="logs/html/splash.html">Pallas Athene UK - Splash Screen Contents</a>